Thursday, May 17, 2007

Socha na tha

We sit comfortably over a happy past
Seperated by a space that's only physical
Looking into each other's future
Silences being their own words
Silences interrupted only by sweet nothings
I look longingly and wonder
Is this really my life or just a perfect picture of it

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get dressed for success

The following questions were raised in this post recently which led me to think about them leading up to this post.

How do you measure Success?
Do you look at people who are considered successful and see how you measure up against them?
Or do you set your own standard and see how you measure up against yourself?
Or do you let someone else decide for you?

Success for me has always been anything that keeps one happy. Very often we go around our lives looking for bigger and better things in life to count as our big successes often forgetting to be be grateful and celebrating the smaller joys. As far as measuring success its all a matter of perspective, a classic winning the silver versus losing the gold outlook at various things. There will always be more successful, more happier, more rich people in this world so the key is to try and be more content than anyone with what life's given you while continuing to strive for better things for yourself. One always needs to set their own standards because if you measure your success by other's expectations then they will more often than not find that he / she might just not be the first people celebrating when the success eventually comes to them.