Tuesday, August 29, 2006


DCH means a lot of different things to different people (btw if the alphabets D, C and H put together means nothing to you there isn't any point reading on). It has clearly been one of the most universally acclaimed films from the Bollywood stable and one of the freshest splashes by a first time director. I am sure people hold the film close to their heart for different reasons but today with this post I wish to point out the lessons in life it hands out as to what kind of person one ought to or ought not be to gain universal acceptability in the society. The 'what not be's' are littered all across the movie and serve as classic examples to all of us. Right from the overpossesive and brash Preity's boyfriend, to the bumbling 'timetable' geek, to the 'I've got you by your skin' girlfriend played by Suchitra, to the lost puppy in love wannabe 'Aaaaaaaa.....kaash' girlfriend, these are all people we encounter in life and are left with the feeling with a 'wish we hadn't' feeling at the end of the day.

Now moving over to the principal characters of the movie I am sure a lot of us identify with at least one of three characters Akash, Sid or Sam brilliantly played out by Aaamir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Saif Ali Khan respectively. Between the three they cover most kinds of people that we encounter in our lives. I am sure if one really wanted they could easily pick out the Akash out of a party, or the Sid amongst a group of friends or the Sam on a dance floor. In the movie Aamir plays a happy go lucky kid who is always the life of the party but a person who cares very little for other people's emotions. Saif plays a die hard clueless romantic who is always the most gullible and gets picked on by most of his friends as he goes on lovingly bumbling through his life. Akshaye plays the moony eyed deep introvert thinker who doesn't care for much outside his own comfort zone. But through the emotional roller coaster ride of the movie we see that all 3 characters change in their own ways. Thus Akash earns to care, he learns to love and he turns into a bit like Sid's character in the end forced to be more empathetic in life. Sam turns into a bit of Akash as he learns to be his own man and make decisions for himself. Sid turns into a bit of Sam learns to open up to people like his mom and the woman he falls in love with as he is forced to let go of his emotions not fearful anymore of getting hurt emotionally. Just like the movie I think we all too in some way start out as one of these individuals in our lives. But just like the movie we all change for the better. We mature to be better individuals.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just Do It !

Most current bloggers start off as readers of other's blogs. They develop their favorites gradually intrigued by the concept of putting their thoughts down, some even developing a tiny lil tinge of fascination for particular styles of writing. Some start of as just readers moving on to be anonymous commentators, some moving on to be regular bloggers but this post is not about them. Its about the others who still sit on the sidelines telling themselves they think they should get themselves a blog someday. However be it out of sheer laziness of a supposed shortage of time they never do. Sometimes they just keep trying to convince themselves that they don't have the necessary skills to write a broadly entertaining blog. However they need to realize that no one really starts off as an expert when writing blogs. That probably explains those awkward first posts. Lots of blogs get stuck on that first post but the trick is to keep on writing. The posts slowly and magically get easier to pen down. Personally I don't even think anyone really gets better. Its like being asked to walk butt naked down a fashion show. You could really never get good at it but if you do it 4-5 times you get more comfortable in your skin. And besides writing blogs has never been about becoming the next big thing in the world of writing, its but a very personal means of expression and all of us being inherently different from one another can irrigate a bunch of thoughts previously unwritten. Blogging has never been about creating the next masterpiece. I blog whenever I feel like I have something to say, to put up and that's why when the fun goes out of it someday I will walk away, just like that. But this post is not about me, its about all of you who really deserve a blog for themselves, its time you got yourself one. In other words to quote one of the most famous tag lines in advertising history 'Just Do It!' and when you do please drop me a line.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


People are inherently different from one another and that's one of the primary things that makes life so interesting. You never really know who you might meet everyday and even if you know who you don't really know what new side of them you will see that day. When two people meet they are brought together by common likes and dislikes, intrigued by varied tastes and pulled apart by seemingly lofty standards they set for others in the lives. These two forces battle out in the playground of the mind till they discover redeeming qualities that binds them in a bond for life, splits them apart by an ever widening gap or wedges a wall of indifference between them. The former for obvious reasons is the most memorable as it connects people on many levels. They get used to each other forming friendships and layering out strands of history between them. Then people go their own ways probably never to meet again but those friendships stand as does the history. And when time and a bunch of inexplicable reasons and fortuitous coincidences bring them together no ice breakers are required. They stand together on level plains on mountains of history and they need no ice breakers. All they mutter are muted thank yous.

P.S. I dont really know where this post was headed. It was one of those times when I was really happy and wanted to mark it with a blog but really ddidnt know how to. This post is reflecting back on the past month when I met up and caught up with many of my close friends from both school and college back from Delhi. People I thought would never meet again but I did, out in a place thousands and thousands of miles away from where I had first met them.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Fool

A thousand thorns
Shouldn't make you scorn
I may limit my doses
But I'll continue to love the roses

Given a choice they will do the right thing
Exceptions are always TO, and not THE rule
And that is why I go on believing
In the inherent goodness of people, what do I know I am just a fool

Monday, August 07, 2006

BLO gger / CK

Out of ideas and creatively broke, but the speed breaker is only but a bump on a road, which itself is but a means to a journey. Meanwhile will blog on topics, on demand so go ahead and shoot your wish list.