Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I salute your genius ... once again

Being able to express an event, recollections, memories or even one's emotions using words have always fascinated me. Its a skill that comes easily to many, they do it with the minimal of words or with a magical weave of lyrical poetry or tugging slowly at your heart strings till you feel one with the creator and are forced to let out a gasp of appreciation for them. Gulzar has always been at the top of the pile of such people for me. It is quite fascinating how he is equally proficient at both Hindi and Urdu and how he is able to play with the words concocting a vivid and evocative picture at time at times while also being able to simply floor you with his imaginative use of similes and commonplace words. I sometimes wonder if such people have it within them right from the time they decide to invest their career in pursuit of such a profession or whether they actually get so good at it after an iterative process of trial and error and practice. Whatever it is, it makes me feel so small to read anything written by this genius and jealous as I read his creations. If ever I was to able to pen even a single line that he has written in his long and illustrious career I would never ever pen a single line again referring to go out on a high aka George Costanza :)

Fans of Gulzar might be able to relate better to this post but those who wish to explore his genius further should listen to his latest selection of poems he has penned for the movie DusKahaniyaan that can accessed here. A special mention needs to be made for the last poem on the page titled 'Tere Utaare Hue Din' that will make you inexplicably all warm and nostalgic.

Another new soundtrack that deserved special mention is Taare Zameen Par that has lyrics by Prasoon Joshi, the man behind the thought provoking lyrics of rang De Basanti. While he is still not in the league of Gulzar his style of writing still has a lot of innocence that makes it endearing and affable, check it out asap.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life's good

A forced relocation has taken me away from the comforts of my home in New Jersey for about 2 years, has kept me busy for the good part of the last 2 months. Blogging has unfortunately been one of the first victims as a result of the paucity of time coupled with the inexplicable urge to pen a blockbuster comeback blog :). Needless to add people looking for one need read no further and revert to the comforts of more illustrious bloggers. Before the move a lot of concerns were raised about how receptive Kentucky would prove to a non American especially compared to the melting pot of nationalities and cultures tat NJ is, but from whatever I have seen in the past one month that I have been here they were completely unfounded. People here are laid back and more warm if anything always ready to lend an ear and a helping hand. Its definitely different from the fast paced city life I was used to but its definitely a nice welcome change to be able to hang back and relax, as if life gives you a second and a half for every second you used to have. Barring a few issues with my movers, I am already loving my new workplace, I love the vast expanses of my new house in Cincinnati and also have been fortunate enough to catch my first NFL game at the Bengals stadium. I feel refreshed and hope to be more frequent at blogging from now on, hopefully all previous visitors of this blog havent given up on me just yet and I can catch you guys around the comment section.