Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What's 8 yrs between a bunch of friends

Somewhere the years roll by unnoticed
Courtesy of a distracted eye
An eye that holds dreams for the future
But an eye that holds memories
Memories of a wondrous past
A past tinged in innocence
An innocence probably lost
But a few co incidences later
The years roll back again
You rewind the laughs, the mischiefs everything
Its as if it was just yesterday
When we sat together and said our goodbyes
With a promise to meet again
And meet again they did

P.S. On an unrelated note I love you Julie Delpy

Friday, June 23, 2006

Home's where .................

It hadn't been the most smoothest of transitions. Sure he had welcomed landing his first job but tinged the usual withdrawal symptoms of leaving a place he had known for over 2 years coupled with being thrust into the harsh city life of a new place, a sea change from the quiet town he had lived in. The job had been great, he just hated the drive he had to take to and back from it. The traffic was rough, with people honking away to glory running on some budgeted honks for a day plan. People were always rushing trying to take the shortest paths, didn't matter if it was over you rather than by you. He never liked doing things he didn't enjoy and may be that was one of the reasons why the prospect of this drive twice a day didn't immensely enthuse him everytime. Today was another such day as he got into his new car to get back home from work. He did ok till he ran into some serious traffic on the main highway. An SUV cut him off without indicating and he barely braked in time letting off an infuriated honk that drowned his favorite unmentionables. He knew it was going to be a loong ride home and he turned his attention to his happy place turning up the music. He was kinda lost as he came over a steep incline when he noticed the car in front had pulled up quite sharply. Not another accident he moaned to himself realizing that his misery had just worsened down to a crawl back home on this road. But he realized it wasn't a careless driver jumping lanes or a distracted cellphone user that had caused the slowdown as he came over the hill. His eyes were hit by the most crisp and golden rays of the sun he had seen for a long long time and almost every car around him grinded to a stop trying to adjust to the glare. Bathed in this brilliant light there wasn't much the BMW's and the Porsche's for all the money spent into buying them could do about it and the traffic ground to a halt. As he basked in this brilliant sunshine for some reason struggling to hold in the beauty of this sight, he suddenly felt warm he suddenly felt WELCOME.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A tribute to the anonymous commentor

I believe in the right to free speech very strongly and it was one of the prime reasons why I have always allowed anonymous commenting on this blog. I know that most bloggers whenever moved in any ways by a person's comment on their blog like to immediately go the person's blog to find out more about the person, its just human nature and that is where the anonymous commentors give you nothing to work with. I guess it all adds to an air of mystery about them and that is why some anonymous comments stay in your head for a long while for some inane reason. Here below I reproduce some anonymous masterpieces from my blog. As much as I would like to deny it do intrigue me with a feeling of having known you from somewhere so if any of you still reading can claim ownership to them give an anonymous shout out :)

Anonymous said...
So different yet so alike
Seems like we've met
Maybe in another life?

Anonymous said...
Hey, nice blog. I have been reading ur stuff for quite sometime.
I cannot help but agree with point5, especially since you have made your identity public? Anyways, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...
This reminds me of something that happened a few yrs ago. 107.1 FM (I think) radio in Mumbai had a very popular RJ. His voice was so freakin sexy that women all ages used to drool over it and ofcourse the show's ratings were sky rocketing.
One fine day, Bombay Times happened to post his pic on page3. Needless to say, most women were extremely disappointed. It might sound shallow but right after that, everyone I knew stopped listening in to the show.

Anonymous said... Come on. I am sure this song was for "some one". You definitely had someone in mind , didn't you ? Some one you know right now or may be someone back in india ?

Anonymous said...
hi rohan, have been reading your blogs since quite some time now. i must say i was surprised to see two news faces of your personality today.
i thought this was a very emotional blog you wrote today (first new face). then i read mr anonymous's comments and what you said in response (face 2). well to tell you the truth he just expressed his opinion and it just so happens that his opinions dont match yours. that's okay. that happens. my blogs are also very controversial and i get to hear so much from people. to tell you the truth, i too get angry at times. but mostly i take it in spirit and try and understand what other people are thinking and why they are thinking what they are thinking. and you know what, that helps. i can say this cause i am older than you and have seen more in life.
i am telling you all this only because i think you write well. you dont have to listen to me. you are not compelled to. enjoy your comments.
ps: someday i will give you the link to my blog, and then may be you understand what i mean.

Anonymous said...
Then go home...why do you continue to stay here?

Koi Pahailee said...
Though i almost always enjoy your posts..especially SWADES
but i must say that this is one posts that sucks...
(honest opinion:))

Anonymous said...
"good posts go commented" ... nice point made. I'll tell why I don't comment on posts that I feel are very good. I do not want to spoil a delicious maincourse with a mediocre dessert.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bloggers don't fear, help is here

This post is dedicated to all those brave soldiers who are brave enough to throw caution to the winds putting a lot on the line only and only for their love for the world of blogs. Now I am sure a lot of you are aware how addictive these blogs get after a point and how you during a course of a especially boring day keep hopping between your favorites hoping to see an update or for that matter anything new and interesting that might prevent you from dozing off at work or your school or university. Its a particularly hard job as you try to grab a peek from the prying eyes of your boss or an overtly boring teacher. You know the risks are large and if caught spending your precious time on them you are really in for it.

So today I wish to share some trade secrets of this very delicate art of how to sneak a peak at these blogs without getting fired at work or dropping a grade at school. Well first and foremost one thing you might notice is that a lot of blogs contain music and as soon as you open the blog your cubicle becomes the unintended recipient of a lot of your colleague's attention. So the thumb rule is to always have the mute turned on your laptops. This also helps to avoid getting caught using messengers at work. Yes a lot of you do know how embarrassing it can get when in the middle of a presentation or meeting a message pops up accompanied with that hard to miss 'ding' sound. Another method to surf blogs safely would be to use RSS readers so that you get email notification whenever a blog is updated or someone comments on your blog. But that's a safe option and we all know how we hate to play safe and love to flirt with danger especiallywhen it comes to our bosses. So if you still want to keep checking all blogs for updates here's an original, tried and tested method. As soon as you see a new post you can copy and paste it to a word file and then sink back in your chair and read the word file without any fear. So something like this end up looking like a harmless this and thus a potential 'I am sorry, we are gonna have to let you seek more favorable avenues of employment :(' magically transforms to 'Oh my my I cant believe you've already started work on that report already :)'. Another option that works beautifully as an alternate means to the beaten to death and very very suspicious 'alt+tab' manouvre is to use this PANIC button in case you get walked on upon in the middle of a very interesting blog. In fact I am so kicked with this idea that I am thinking of leaving permanent tab on the right side of my blog to make all your blog reading experience a safer and more enjoyable one. So now that you are equipped with all these tips and tricks I shall leave you to enjoy the world in blogs in peace, may the Blogger Force be with you.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A walk down memory lane

I have always believed orkut to be nothing more than an antiquated messenger and a device lots of people use to 'make friendship' with others with an unlimited internet connection and time on their hands. So I was absolutely overjoyed when I found one of my very good friends from school on there. Even though we were good pals from school somehow as we charted different routes through different colleges we kind of lost touch. The area codes in our respective places changed somewhere down the line as a result of which I had lost touch with him for almost 8 years now (stop doing the math, I will tell you my age, all you have to do is ask :) ). So anyways I had tried to get in touch with him again but with no success till a week back when I suddenly found him on orkut via another school friend's list and surprises of surprises he was settled here in USA itself (and yes I will hunt you down if you come looking for me on orkut :) ). We spent an hour catching up on the phone but you know how it is when you meet an old friend after soo long. Lots of questions pop up into your head as soon as you put the phone down and so I was kinda kicked to see him online on my messenger today. After some usual chit chat consisting of exchanging pleasantries, long debate as to who of us was a bigger (in his words) kam_ _ _ at school and an unsuccessful attempt by him to hook me up with his current girl room mate, this is where the conversation veered to.

Me: Hey your brother's name was Sudipto right?
Him: No ways how do you remember my brother's name, that is crazy man.
Me: Baap ka naam P.K.Ghosh (imagine a Big B Agneepath hangover)
Him: Damn you have a good memory (and yes I am freakishly freakishly good when it comes to such things)
Me: Your dad was a heart surgeon at Apollo hospital
Him: Give up man I didnt even know I ever told you this stuff. Lets see if you can tell me my Mom's name
Me: Kyun tujhe apni Mummy ka naam nahin pata
Him: @#$#$#*&#@@#$$% Hahahahahahahahahaha, tu kabhi nahin sudhrega
Me: You should have seen it coming
Him: Yup I should :)

And I couldnt stop laughing for the next 5 minutes, damn its good to catch up with old friends.