Thursday, July 26, 2007

First date

I guess it was meant to be
Just a little meeting over coffee
And sure enough it started off innocently
A warm hello and a hesitant hug greeted
A lunch interspersed by stolen glances oft repeated
Soon enough the words came a lot easier
Time was soon forgotten between these two strangers
They talked deep into the night
Beneath the beautiful moonlit white
Of course there was so much to catch up on
Before they realized it was almost dawn
Unfortunately they had to go their own ways
Hopes of another meeting their minds chase
As they drove back all they thought
Was that a dream or reality
Not realizing it was a part of a plan
I guess it was meant to be

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another passing thought

Patience is a virtue that you don't have unlimited reserves of unfortunately. So be very careful and picky in whose company you wish to use it up in.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More work lessons

A corporate shakedown is never a pleasant experience. Its swift, it's ruthless and leaves a bad aftertaste and I reiterate it's not pleasant. A lot of friends are lost a lot of emotions stirred and you just know somehow that things will just never be the same again. You stand in the midst of ruins still waiting for the dust to settle down to know who all still stand to fight another day. You are hoping to see everyone but you have the sinking feeling that you wont. Everyone who shaped your nascent career, everyone who was kind enough to overlook your inexperience and lend you a helping hand, everyone who channeled your brains and energy into meaningful directions. Somewhere there is also an empty feeling because you feel you have not done enough to deserve to be still standing because you were standing a few days back of shoulders of those who now lie wounded, victims of a situations that's beyond their hands and not a reflection of their individual performance. It sure hurts but it's a moment to savor and to reflect of how unfair life might be, a moment to be thankful that it isn't your moment to discover that right now.