Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We can’t hope to compete with the best in the world with only 51% of the best possible work force representing the face of India.
If there’s anything worse than buying you way through education it’s eating up deserving seats just because you have a certain last name.
A glaring example of what protective reservation does is the state of Indian economy before the and after the 90’s.
Sure enough we all love a heartwarming underdog story of rags to riches but only when the person swims against all odds and not in a protected channel while the competitors are left to drown elsewhere.
Reservation is just another way of the government showing some pity love without sounding offensive.
I am not totally convinced I would someday like to go under the table for a doctor whose only qualifying achievement was being born in a certain household.
If the Government was really serious about increasing the seats in various colleges why not open special colleges and schools to provide seats for students they are bent upon providing these reservations for.
If my future was gift wrapped and given to someone else not because I wasn’t good enough but because the Government wanted to get some votes in the next election I would be embittered and burning like the rest of INDIA right now.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Walletary retirement

Welcome to my world, be my guest as I walk you through my life. Born a bastard child just like so many of my brothers and sisters churned out by the hundreds as if out of some factory. I was handpicked by a certain someone who was looking for some company on route to a new phase of his life in the USA. I of course didnt complain getting to step out of my compartmentalized world and tired of seeing the same bored faces staring at me everyday as some object of desire. Initially I was in the company of some Indian family, nice bunch them. Even though mostly old and crinkly they were a warm lot and got around well. It was somewhere around then that I met Mr.5ver and he has kept me company to date, some even say that he was kind of lucky for a certain someone and and that was what got him unlimited immunity. Have you ever wondered why I shouldnt be the single most important object in everybody's life? After all most people's strive through most of their life trying to make me fatter, in fact I am the most powerful object in the world after all (well of course if you discount the rumors that I cant buy love or something to that effect). Damn I digress, so anyways as I moved to USA I got company of the Greens. Also those cards swamped and jostled around for spaces and it was a crowded lot in there. A certain Mr. Photoid moved in too and that increased my importance significantly as I was whipped out every single time HE wanted to have a good time. Along with those cards those Greens have multiplied over the past three years so much so that I might just be replaced. Yeah from being 'The One' to being 'The other One', cant say I didnt see it coming. HE claims due to some sentimental bullshit I wont be unceremoniously put down, just retired to the dark recess of a solitary confinement.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


As he stared at the packet addressed to Mr.ethan hUUnt for the tenth time in the last 10 minutes he knew he had a choice. He knew they had many other agents to pull the dirty jobs while family men like him were left alone to live their family lives. At the same time he knew it must have been really urgent for him to have been given a call up. He took a deep breath for one final time and ripped the packet apart knowing that there was no looking back. He found a Pod and sure enough as he powered it on he heard a familiar voice reach his ears. 'Mr.Hunt your mission now that you chose to accept it is to take down Nahor Ramuk, an African dictator, thorn in the American flesh for many years as he has subjected his country to a reign of terror. He shall be visiting Chicago next week to give a speech at the UN office to the global media as he defends his administration. You are to take him down with the minimum of attention and without leaving any signs of American involvement. Good luck for mission ONE 5 O and as always this mission will self destruct in 5 seconds.'

Damn he always hated this part he thought as he ducked under his table for cover barely having time to pull out the rest of the contents of the packet which curiously happened to be 6 common quarters. As he re emerged seconds later he was happy to see the contents of his room had not been rearranged by a sophisticated charge and the Pod had just turned off, permanently of course.

Sure enough on the designated day Ethan arrived at the media meet held on the top level of a recently inaugurated high rise. He pondered upon the task at hand as he walked through heavy security. He hadn’t even bothered with a weapon knowing fully that there was no way he would get it past the guards. He had decided to be Clark Kent from The Planet living out one of his fantasies and he smiled to himself at the big joke for the fifth time today as e seated in the 3rd row of the conference. The general seemed like a reasonable man Ethan thought as he sat out listening to his model for establishing democracy in the failed state but then these politicians always have a way with words. After he got finished with his speech he started to field some questions. This continued for another hour before they finally broke for restroom break. Ethan sensed his chance and he followed the general as he headed to the restroom. As he came around he corner he saw the doors being blocked by the general's bodyguards. He got past them after a very thorough security check and as he entered the restroom he finally weighed in his options. He thought about taking him down one on one but he didn’t really fancy his chances against another man who had been trained in the business of killing. As his mind raced against time he scanned the area. It was massive, which went against him because he had to get it right the very first time around, no second chances. Damn he was really up against it this time he thought as he walked past a vending machine. It was when it all seemed crystal to him. He scourged around his pockets and came up with the 6 quarters noticed for the first time how their corners were tagged with some red ink. He walked up to the vending machine and dropped in the 6 quarters. The machine whirred as the top deck began to move out. The first 3 candies popped out and sure enough hidden behind them was carefully planted automatic weapon. He whipped out the loaded weapon waited for the general to step out before he shot him once, in the space between the eyes past any hidden bulletproofs. He barely had time to jump out of the only window before the bodyguards broke into view. He counted 3 seconds before deploying he deployed the chute that he had worn tucked under his tux. As he sailed to the ground he whipped out his cell and texted out one last quick message before tossing the phone up in the air. Too bad no one except the recipient got to read the message which said 'Mission ONE 5 O accomplished.'

Thursday, May 18, 2006

And so it continues ........

A trip down into the memory lane of old posts dug this out and paved the way for this post.

Sally: Awritee Mr. Wannabe funny guy consider this your lucky day.
Harry: Ouch lady is it just the morning air or are you always this cold?
Sally: So how often do you go around asking out waitresses?
Harry: Well lets see Mondays and Fridays, Sundays if I am doing overtime. What about you? What do you do besides running errands on rainy days and joining complete strangers over breakfasts?
Sally: Well you see with customers like you there isnt time left for much else.
Harry: Have any time left for your boyfriend?
Sally: Now that's a loaded question, hope you dont intend to spend all day digging up my history.
Harry: Didnt know you had all day for me.
Sally: As a matter of fact I dont actually and that's why I gotta head back to my shift now.
Harry: If you insist, well have a good day and take care of your boyfriend's girlfriend for me.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Was good while it lasted

All good things must come to an end or so they say, but instead of mulling over the impending end I guess we are better off appreciating the great run they had and how good it was while it lasted. This post is dedicated to one of my favorite music directors from Bollywood who have always had a bunch of songs on my playlists as I was growing up. The broke into Bollywood when music was beginning to make its presence felt after almost a decade and a half of dying a slow death at the hands of mindless action flicks courtsey the angry young man who was no longer so young. Although they had been composing for a lot longer they hit the big league in 1992 with hits like Khiladi, Raju Ban gaya Gentleman and of course JJWS. Pehla Nasha was a huge huge smash and it is always a pleasure when it plays up on my shuffle every single time. Their next stop was Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na one of SRK's best performances to date with the evergreen hit Deewana Dil Deewana busting charts in all countdowns. The followed it up next year in 1995 with their biggest smash in DDLJ. Tujhe dekha to ye and Mehndi Laga Ke still sound as fresh as they did the first time around when I heard them at schol when love fever was sweeping across the nation as ppl did come and did fall in love. They had a couple of quiet years following this big effort but they still found time to compose some of my favorite numbers with Baahon ke Darmiyan from a very underrated Khamoshi and Ek Din Aap and Chaand Taare from Yes Boss by them. Their music really hit the roof in 1998 as they churned out one hit after another in Ghulam , Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, KKHH, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya and Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha. Opinions may vary but barring some compositions like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and a few others you could sense they were past their peak at that time. While they managed to churn out some lilting numbers like Mujhe Raat Din, Is Deewane Ladke Ko and Tune Mujhe Pehchana Nahin and some numbers from Mohabbatein I thought they got back to their kind of music with Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani but unfortunately the movie was a washout at the box-office. They started losng their prominence in the industry and even had to share composing credits in K3G. SRK showed is faith in them by retaining them for their home production and they repaid it by chalking up another great score for Chalte Chalte with numbers like Chalte Chalte and Tauba Tumhare ruling charts. The bagged Hum Tum on the basis of their performance and showed they still had what it took to compose ageless music witht the title track from the movie. However trouble was brewing apparently between the two and creative differences forced them to announce their split in 2006 while releasing their last composed piece of work Fanaa. If you have managed to lay your hands on the album you shall know that they have decided to go out in style stamping their class all over the album with tracks like Chaand Sifarish and Dekho Naa. All I can say its been great having this asociation with you and thank you for all those hundreds of songs and all the millions of memories associated with them.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I was very dissed when I couldn't get the url for my blog.
I actually had to check the spelling of 'catharsis' before titling my blog.
I used to be paranoid at one time of someone hacking into my account and deleting all my posts.
That multicolored square at the bottom of my page does let me know who all are visiting my blog.
That figure for the number of hits is slightly bloated by my visits to the blog.
I find it very hard to let go of my last posts.
I wait around anxiously checking my post every 5 minutes till I see the first comment on it.
If it wouldnt have been for totti 148 thoughts would have died a quiet death within this restless mind of mine.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Food for thought ... or thoughts for food

Sorry has gotta be one of God's most fascinating creations or something made in devil's own workshop.

With an appreciative audience in place ........ lightening can indeed strike the same placetwice.

Friday, May 05, 2006

C (N,2)

People, billions of them going about their own lives who would appear as queer lil dots for someone watching our lives from a distance. These dots move about in their predefined spaces. Some of these dots dare to dream big and they step up the rung to get noticed by other dots often leaving behind trails people fondly refer to as legacies. These dots go about crisscrossing with other dots. In fact do we ever realize how many lives we touch or could touch in a single day. Come to think of it say there were N people in this world of ours and everybody met everyone a simple math would put that number close to C(N,2). However that's would a case of exalted exaggeration. But still we do cross so many lives without ever bothering to think about them. Come to think of it you would cross the paths of hundreds of new people every single day and you wouldn't ever get to know them save for a stray road accident, a dropped wallet, a misdialed phonecall etc. As a kid it always fascinated me to just observe people and try to imagine what would be going on in their lives at that particular moment. So even as I drove around with dad on the streets, I used to just observe people sitting up in the back-seat. Now don't imagine me as one of those weird 'Haley Joel Osment' kinda kids but then I thought it was a great way to kill time to guess and second guess people. To try and imagine what their professions were, if that scowl on their faces was due to a bad day at work, whether that radiant glow was a ' it's not Dove, it's LOVE' statements etc. Often I would just smile at faces passing in cars wanting to get someplace they didn't want to be in the first place, at faces bracing up for the worst waiting around in the doctor's waiting rooms, at faces eager to shout at me for no fault of mine because they were shouted at by someone for no fault of theirs recently. More often than not these faces would break back at you with a smile. Try it doesn't cost a penny and you will get to hear a 'Thanks for making my day' more often than not.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I really dont know what the hell I am talking abt

They say life is governed by the choices that you make. Every person comes across an infinite number of choices which shape his or her life in infinitesimally different ways. Out of every choice made a 'could have' is born, which creates many 'might have been' parallel universes. Come to think of it your reading of this blog is a conscious choice that you are making right about now. I know a lot of you might argue that point saying I just happened to stumble upon here and et all but the fact is here again right about now you have a choice of leaving this post right HERE. So as I read this out to a fractured audience I would like to ask you do youreally think made a difference by chosing to be a part of a group that reads this post in its entirety. Would your lives really be any different as a result of this choice or would you just go on now with your usual run of the mill lives? Also I am guessing that almost all of you that did start reading this post have gotten around to the very end. So does it really mean that we actually do have a choice or is it just a fuzzy little thought by which we humor ourselves.