Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am baaaaakkkk

Coming back from a long hiatus to your blog is always a tricky situation. Its almost like having to shoulder the burden of expectations of all those people who have visited your blog in the meantime hoping to see something new and returning disappointed to see the same post. Thankfully in my case this number is not a very big one but I do kinda feel the pressure of having to write something really meaningful, moving or even funny on my comeback post. You feel the eyes of many peeled on this new post almost like critics have theirs on the comeback of some movie star after a self announced retirement. Except that in my case I have never been a big star of the blogosphere and neither did I ever announce my retirement. My self induced hibernation was borne out of lack of ideas and motivation to pen a post. Anyways enough about that, this post came about as a result of concerned enquiries at my change of status on orkut. It didn't take much long for congratulatory messages to start pouring in very strangely from some who knew about my girlfriend all along. Some even bravely ventured to enquire if and when i was getting married? While on one hand I was mildly amused by the concern for my well being from unexpected quarters I really didn't catch how changing my status from single to committed translated to getting married or even deserving of a congratulations. Either people underestimated my ability to have a girlfriend or considered me incapable of staying committed to her ;). Whatever it is I must than you for all the love, I am touched and also thank you for helping me break out of my reverie and kick start my blog again :)