Friday, April 29, 2005

Its not just a game, its Cricket

In a far far away mystical land called State College, after the final bugles have been sounded with unfailing regularity by a cartain member of tribe Sarpatwari aka Totti, battle wearied warriors worn down by the dreary rigors of research step out ever so often in a battleground christened PCG. The battles fought are long and hard. Not an inch is given, none is exepected. Warpaint would be overkill but mebbe u might find them sporting some sunscreen soon enuff with the onset of summers. These battles part of PCG folklore now have been a part and parcel of my existence as a graduate student and I could not be more thankful to God for that.Cricket returned to PCG after a brief hiatus even though the quality of cricket played was as good as one might expect. I was very happy with my personal performance racking up some runs against a very potent bwling lineup consisting of Ajay, Point5, Sandy and Jai (the new PSCC strike bowler). For me its so much more pleasing when one's efforts end up in team victories, coz somehow i notice that brief cameos in losing efforts are not half as memorable and have zero recall value. All they end up garnering are some 'well tried' from the opposition team and thats never enuff.Went over to totti's place after play and spent time discussing something thats been the topic inviting some serious discussions and debates around state college recently. Guess we kinda overdid it and charan sat tucked up in a corner laptop in place for over an hour all psyched up. totti u make pseud tea duh btw (as u see i spent too much time with totti and co.)The day ended with some quality biryani (golu and co. if u read this in time plzzz doo invite me for finishin leftovers :) ) courtsey sardarni and i along with my stomach shall remain ever so grateful for that.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Black Bradman shall henceforth be referred to as the sissy girl as he proves himself worthy and deserving of such a title. I thought i was done with him when we were arguing something one to one earlier in the day and he simly backed out with a really lame "Hey I gotta go now" which is pretty much like saying i dont have anything left to argue on anymore. But wait when i get to his home later in the evening he brings up something meant for only his ears just coz he has his team sitting around to mebbe back up what he is saying. Is this guy so low on confidence that he cant argue his point man to man and he needs ppl around to support his argument? Guess we'll never know coz he'll never be man enuff to argue this one out too.Btw for sissy girl's info 10-12 ppl showed up again at PCG to play more of 'gay' cricket. Guess they will never be wiser to the nuances of the real cricket. Guess they will die happier for that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Point

Had a big argument with a self proclaimed connoisseur of the game, the 'african american' Bradman (continuing with my effort 2 b politically correct on this blogsite). He was trying to explain to me about how playing with the leather ball is a different ball game altogether and how we guys played 'gay' (dont have anything against them i am just quoting him) cricket at PCG. He also wished to inform me that playing with the leather ball was the real thing and playing at PCG didnt count. Now that comment was wierd coming from a guy who had just organized a very successful tennis ball tounament a few days bac at Penn State. If thats the way he felt then his team shouldnt have been palying the 'gay' cricket for 2 years in a row and getting thrashed by ppl from PCG in the finals. Also if the number of people showing up at PCG is any indication we have a hands down winner and someone will have to plead no contest. Coming bac to the origins of the discussion all I was trying to say was that some batsmen didnt play well according to the evidence on show yday and the self proclaimed expert would just fail to realize that we all are entitled to our own opinion specially about something like cricket that stirs up passions like no other thing can (leave the chics out of this). Nyways he ended the argument raising some stupid challenge telling me that i would get bowled 10 times in 20 minutes (thats like once almost every 4 balls bowled) if i ever batted at the PSCC grounds. I guess i shall be the bigger man and not respond at all to such churlish challenges. Best of luck to PSCC for saturdays' game i should be around to root for u guys(for u too black bradman).

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Good hair day

My hair is getting long enuff now to attain unmanageable proportions. I showed one of my recent photos to a friend in India to which she commented that i have stsrted resembing Bobby Deol. Still dont know to this day whether that was a compliment or a passing comment to get me to cut my hair. I notice the new look is garnering some attention from much desired and wanted quarters. U know those times when ur gaze holds a passing girl's a second longer tan one wud assume commonplace. this cud mean either of the 2 following things:1) Wanna get some coffee2) Here's a fiver u cheap b********. go get a haircut (to which i can respond by saying its not a question of a fiver u see..................its more about a tenner :)Even though I wud like to beleive the former's true the logic aspect of my brain forces me to believe in the latter. So i have decided to wait till those 2 generous girls with fivers come along.I was going thru Totti's latest posts on his blogsite and all i cud follow was :Blah BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlah. Chaitanya'a contact no. in states BlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahBlahAs if i cudnt get enuff of the gult tirade on field. I realize that its been 2 years playin cricket at PCG with the gult brigade and i realize that i havent picked up even a word of the language other than something which happens to be a master sledge and probably the last word a self respecting gult wants to hear (goes by something like ERIPO___). speaks volumes of my learning curve during the last 2 years pursuing my masters.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stay Away

Saw 2 attrocious movies recently bac 2 bac: Mumbhai Express and Life aquatic with Steve Zissou. Makes u wonder at times what the directors were thinking when they made them. Did they have a wad too many of dollar or rupee bills to play around with and decided one fine day that why not try their hand at making a movie. They were pretty much the hindi kitsch being churned out in the late 80's (sample aag ka gola and gola barood, you just knew they were gonna be bad movies with the titles they sported). The 2 above mentioned movies shud have had similar titles akin to a 'Danger keep away' signboard. Luckily I caught Platoon (again) on Spike late evening and made me keep my faith in movies alive. It was almost like going bac to the comforts of one of ur old girlfriends after a new heartbreak :) (where the hell did that pop up from)......well mebbe not. Living on the Bunty and Bubli soundtrac nowadays......its awesome.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

ALI "The whole world's gonna know but he aint gonna show"

Caught bits of ALI on TNT early on sunday and contrary to expectations it was a pretty neat movie. Guess Will Smith can be an actor too if he wants to. There is this particular scene when he goes back to africa and ppl over there surround him with shouts of 'Ali Bumaye' (which incidentally mean ali kill him) and he is overcome with emotion for his homeland. It was pure celluloid magic at its best and i almost cried. Reminded me of a similar shot in Swades when Shahrukh cries the first time after chucking his Bisleris and having water from a kullhar on the train.

Typical Weekend

Boy they r comin thick and fast now. I wonder if i will end up defeating the entire purpose of blogging. guess i started it to pen down any arbit thoughts that were floating around but now i notice that i actually have started thinkin abt my next post during the day (moral of the story i have too mch free time at hand nowadays). Spent the typical weekend with a late morning followed by brunch and a round of chatting. I see i have begun to enjoy all those fundas i have been giving to the female company i enjoy on my yahoo messenger list. Mid way through the marathon chattin session i was actually wondering wat the f*** am i talkin abt but of course i didnt have the heart or decency to tell the poor soul. kinda slept thru the first nba playoff game woke up to find that it actually deserved that treatment. gmy'ed out in the evenin (fatass slept tru it as usual) ...good session i must add even though the babes were lackin (but its not the point of gym in they tell me). i can drag on and on abt this not so happenin day but all good things must come to an end.

2nd post (do i have to fill out a title everytime)

I managed to finally figure out all blog fundas with some help from totti. He's been generous enuf to post the first set of comments too (he's never ever going for 5*6's ever again if i am batting). I has been dying to post stuff as i woke up kinda early today. Now that i finally figured out the HOW TO? bit i guess i dont have much reserves in the WHAT TO WRITE? bit left. plus there r ppl buggin me real bad with the chat windows (specially the CTRL + G feature is maddeningly irritating). Guess i shall gather my thoughts and get bac on later.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The all important first post

As i sit at this unearthly hour (not really considering my recent sleepin routines) i have decided to post my first entry to my blog site. Before i write in much else i would like to thank the following for their invaluble contribution to this blogs site and its all future posts, my teachers (specially my english ones), the recent non happening semester at Penn state and last but not the least a certain Mr. Totti (but of course thats not his real name). I was actually going through his blog site when i realized that this activity could really add to my long list of things i have been upto to kill time. Mebbe i might look back at some fond memories few years down the road if i manage to do something worthwhile in life....mebbe. Its gettin pretty late in the night (yeah thats what i always cite as the reason when i dont have much else to add..i do realize there's a pattern to this) so i guess i must close this horrid and pretty boring first blog and pray for more exciting stuff to happen so that i can pen it down tmow.