Friday, March 31, 2006

Work lessons

Before I launch into this post I must give you all some background about the company I work for. I work at a manufacturing facility that produces gypsum wallboards that a majority of the western world uses to construct houses. As I sat down with my boss a couple of days back discussing how to tackle a particular problem that I was supposed to look into to ensure problem free manufacturing of these boards. I had discussed the problem with another another manager and he had expressed not much hope of handling the problem anytime soon. So as I conveyed this to my boss he sat there smiling before handing out these words of wisdom "Always remember one thing, it doesnt matter what A says or B says. For that matter it doesnt even matter what I say. Always remember that A, B or I are only signing your checks, its those boards that are paying you those checks. So as long as those boards are running you will be happy and that's all that should be influencing most of your future calls at work."
Dazed I sat there looking at him thnking Wow it should be quite an experience working for you boss.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Good looks = good books ?

In this fast paced world where first impressions count does it actually help if one actually happens to be good looking. Does it give certain individuals an unfair but distinct advantage over a lot of other people. Would they be more successful in getting their cup of coffee on time in a crowded Starbucks? Or say have slightly more success in handing out some lame flyer to a bunch of largely disinterested people? Would they be able to stay on the sane side of the fine line separating harmless flirting and eve (or adam) teasing? Would they stand a better chance at making through those harmless intern positions? Would they be attracting more hits on their blog irrespective of the garbage they are churning out everyday?
If so we are a society obsessed with cosmetic beauty and we need to be looking at ourselves harder at the mirror everyday. Now if only I would be able to find mine.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A love song for no one

I can't say which is prettier
My earliest mental picture of you
Or the first sight of you every single day
You say I am a good listener
I guess its just coz you are talking
As I sit rapt staring
Watching you talk animatedly
The sunshine filtering through those locks
Muttering a muted thank you
Hoping not to blink
Living every moment of my perfect world

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Coz home's home

Its been a little over a month since a very important day in my life went by kinda unnoticed. Feb 7 is an important day in more ways than one. Not just because it was my first day at the first professional job of my career but also because 4 years down the road from this date I plan to be back working in India. Yes that has always been the intention and the higher studies and the first job in States have always meant to stepping stones to bigger better things in India. Its a thought that was ridiculed by friends at college whenever we did get down to discussing the more serious things in life (and that wasn't very often by my count) and something that has been met with a 'ya right' smirk and 'we'll see after 2 years' statement. So well to set the record straight its been almost 3 years now since I arrived here and if anything the desire and will still burns bright, if anything stronger. Also to quell any stereotypical notions that might be creeping up in any of your minds I must let you know that this country has been great to me, given me a lot of love and respect and an opportunity to make something good of my life. Its just that home will always be home. Even animals for that matter venture out for food, to mate or to work but at the end of the day they return to a place called home because home will always be home. Because USofA for all its charms and glamor can never hold a candle to India and don't get me wrong on that one. I am sure this post would have never happened if not for USA and also I am sure any American will tell you the same about America. Because a lot more goes into my definition of a good life than just dollar bills, things like friends, family, your countrymen walking through the streets that you stroll in breeding a sense of familiarity, the familiar corner shop etc etc. Well I guess you kinda get the idea so wipe that smirk off your face the next time you hear me say I am heading to India in 4 years and send me a reminder on 02/07/10 if you are still around reading this blog.

P.S. Came across this old post while digging through my blog, thought I might put it up as I dont think a lot of ppl actually got see it as this blog was in its infancy then.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You bring sunshine to my life :)

The points don't count and the numbers don't matter (and believe me when I say that)