Monday, October 31, 2005

World's first blog story

I guess we have all seen the power of the blogging community whose full force was felt recently during the IIPM fiasco. As I fully realized the reach of the blogosphere I thought that I should use it in a constructive fashion and combine it with the tagging phenomenon to come up with the world’s first blog story. Every member on the tag chain gets to pen down a line in this story after reproducing the text verbatim as it has reached him/her along with the name of the person that tagged him/her. Everyone after penning down their line gets to tag one person but make sure the person you tag is a regular visitor to your blog and doesn’t take ages to do his share of the story as in case a lax occurs in the chain the story gets held. This is not a one time only tag so any person on the chain once can be tagged again if desired. The end result should be a pretty big blog story which propagates around the world with everyone contributing their share of their creative juices. The great thing is that the chain can be easily followed forward or backwards from absolutely any blog that is part of the chain and is good fun coz everyone just has to write one measly line. Make sure you reproduce the above text whenever you add your bit so that everyone understands the whole concept behind this tag. So well here’s the first line.

He had always known that silence spoke volumes, unfortunately it was in a language he failed to decipher on most occasions.

And well I also get the honor of making the first tag. So Totti consider yourself tagged do write asap (its critical to this tag’s success remember).

Happy Diwali to all of you.

P.S. A blog reader could do with some help on the evolution and status of English slang. Ppl interested in helping out can go through the last 2-3 comments of the previous post and volunteer accordingly.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The story continues......

I had kind of forgotten about this piece of fiction I was writing until reminded of it recently so the story continues here.

Sally: So what do you do other than ask waitresses to join you for breakfast.
Harry: Oh that's just a thing on the side, only for Mondays you see.
Sally: Impressive the resume keeps on getting better by the minute.
Harry: Add my immunity to sarcasm to the list by the way? Anyways how was your weekend?
Sally: The usual laced with all the mundanities of my life. How was yours?
Harry: Nothing too exciting, went camping with a bunch of friends.
Sally: Hey that sounds likes fun, I've actually never gone camping.
Harry: I uess its ok, hey what have you been drawing on that napkin, looks like we have quite an artist here.
Sally: Ah its nothing
Harry: No really you are pretty good. I suck at art, I used to be one of those kids who couldn't even draw that house beneath the mountains from which the sun is rising drawing properly
Sally: Everybody has their own thing, you have the survival instinct from that camping thing. I personally could never survive the jungle.
Harry: Well you could mebbe hunt down some prey with your paint brushes and pencils
Sally: Aww but I am vegetarian.
Harry: Well then mebbe you can do portraits of lions and bears and ask them to repay you in kind with fruits and vegetables then.
Sally: Yeah sounds like an idea
Harry: You better be good, I have heard those bears are kinda touchy :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Century

As any self respecting cricketer will tell you the century is a very important landmark in the history of well......absolutely anything. So as this blog turns a 100 posts old I shall give you all a rundown of the history of this blog.

It all began inspired by a tree of thoughts in the rundown shambles of rediff blogs where it was battle of me against my self. All this while loads of people had continued unnoticed and as I read through their thoughts and confessions that I asked myself who is sane after all? Anyways I started penning down my random thoughts from a confused mind in apparent zero noise. My initial writings were as random as a spider on a keyboard but slowly but steadily my random thoughts I moved onto a pattern discussing the days of our lives as life means drama. That’s when the blog became a chimera like monster spewing off opinions and thoughts questioning times when things didn’t make sense or did they? I gradually began to thread the broken verses of life and things seemed clearer as I began to enjoy it all. I had to it was jus’(so much)fun. So many people joined in with their stimulating vibes along the way and soon I was on cloud nine. And even though I fall into my bouts of blogger’s blocks (U should know that the lazy shall inherit the earth btw) the writing is on the wall this blog is here to stay.

"Main akela hi chala tha janibe-e-manzil magar Log sath aate gaye aur karavan banta gaya" ('I started all alone towards the goal/ (but) people kept joining and it began to turn into a caravan')
By Majrooh Sultanpuri

My sincerest apologies to anyone who frequents this blog and whom I might have accidentally missed out in that collection.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The sequel

Even thought I wasnt so big on the 55 word poem tag I did an off the cuff bit in the comments section in response to this post , later decided that I might as well as put it up on my blog.

Buried my emotions
Returned to my life
Some things aren't meant 2b
She was my brother's wife

Soon the spark went out
They were constant fights
And we made a connection
Though I knew it wasnt right

They frown upon us
My brother calls me a rogue
I know I've found the one
Anyways lesbianism is in vogue

There's my shot at 55 with a twist :). Shall not be tagging anyone, ppl visiting this blog are welcome to come up with their own versions.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

An excercise in nothingness

Its was all around there was so much talk
It sent me thinking what if I fell prey to the blogger’s block
If you got pressing matters you better head your way
Coz in this post I must warn you I have nothing to say
Would I waste a post discussing the ‘phenom
Or would I just hit back with loads of posts packed with venom
Would I like others hope to bag a tag
Would I just spew crap and just get my first flag
Guys I know this is heading nowhere you need not read any further
Get back to your important lives before you scream murder
May be I will discuss a favorite movie or a song
Mebbe just write some crap and hope ppl play along
Guess I could compose some prose
Or just give all those cricket fans their regular dose
This is a post about nothing, nothing’s new
I had warned you, guess curiosity got the better of you
Don’t blame me my drafts were out of stock
So this was the one way I could overcome the blogger’s block :)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Where the mind is without fear

Most of us are brought up with a certain moral fiber being ingrained in our soul by our parents, relatives and well wishers which essentially is meant to help in decisions at various critical junctions of our life. These help us to differentiate the right from the wrong and always tread the right path even though it may be much longer and tougher than resorting to the easier shortcut. But somewhere along the line as most of us grow up we somehow lose track of these morals and ethics and stretch that moral fiber to suit our needs. Instead of standing in the face of adversity we take the easier route often taking recourse to the ‘See no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil’ philosophy even as evil batters down everything that stands for good in human beings and threatens to envelop us in an all encompassing darkness. That is why I feel when someone acts against this very common fallacy in most of us and dares to swims against the tide we all need to take mention and doff your hats off to him/her.

For those of you interested in the complete story visit this link. I am producing a short rundown of the entire sequence of events.
Sometime back Jam Magazine, edited by Rashmi Bansal, did a brilliant expose dismantling step by step the tall claims made by IIPM, a management educational institute run by Arindam Chaudhuri. A few days after this story ran in the magazine some of the IIPM staff barged into the Jam office. In Rashmi’s words, they “did not offer any new or material facts, other than argument.” Then she got a legal notice from them. Slowly a number of blogs sprung up overnight defending IIPM and defaming Rashmi and Gaurav Sabnis, a popular Indian blogger who had linked to Rashmi's article and added some facts of his own. Ludicrous rumors were spread about Aaj Tak, the news channel, having done a sting operation and having caught Amity, a rival of IIPM, giving money to Rashmi to do the story. Rashmi posted on the matter, and filthy comments were left on that post. Meanwhile it just so happened that IIPM was a big client IBM, Gaurav's employer, having purchased a huge bunch of laptops from them. In the light of this scenario Gaurav was given the following options by his employers – to either delete his posts and apologize or to resign from the company. Reacting to the scenario this is what he told a friend of his over the phone.

“You know, we bloggers are always writing about principles, about freedom of speech, about standing up for what we believe in, for the truth. It’s very easy to write all that. But here I’m being tested on those principles in real life. If I don’t stand by those principles now, I will lose all respect for myself.”

Gaurav Sabnis resigned from IBM on Oct 10, 2005.

I have the nothing but the utmost of respect for this guy as he has stood up for what he believes is right. In doing so he also stands up for the freedom of speech and the right to speak about we believe is correct, something that all bloggers really treasure and probably the reason why most of us had started blogging in the first place. I think we should all do whatever little we can to make everyone aware of this incident and stand up in unison against this injustice (so what if its just in the blogosphere).

P.S. Special thanks to Megha for letting me in on this story and Arindam Chaudhri is the same guy who made the horrid ‘Rok Sako to Rok lo’ so all ppl looking for refunds this may be a start to getting there :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Better and Best

Have you wondered why there’s this extra bit of magic in all those good things when they happen to us the first time around. Picture your best friend dreamily recalling his first love over a coffee, or your mom as she gets all animated when she talks about the first steps you walked as a toddler, or your colleague at office recalling the time when she got a promotion, or even things as trivial as the time when you recall your first snowfall or the first time when you went home to your overjoyed family holding a trophy in your hand. All these occasions always seem to hold a special place in your life and whenever you remember them the cobwebs somehow seem to disappear from your memory and the flashbacks always seem so much less hazy. For a lot of us these things will happen again for some of us they won’t but the point is these things that hold a special place in our life give us most joy and are the best the first time around and no wonder they sit on such a high pedestal in our collection of memories.
On the other hand all the bad things in life be it the time you had your first heartbreak, or the first time you left home for the first time, or even something as extreme as the time you heard about the death of a near one hurt so much the first time around. They give you most grief because they catch you unprepared for such an adversity as you wallow in your grief. But note how much better you handle such situations the second time around. I don’t know if its something about your mind that steels you the second time but its always better the second time around.
This leads me to conclude that the good things in life are the best the first time around while all the bad things that happen to us are better the second time around.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

College tales

He sat there in his hostel room playing what he decided would be last game of cards before he called it a day. As he was mid way through the game he heard his cell beep announcing a new message. He lifted his phone half expecting to see some stupid fwd but what he saw was to change this night into one wild ride.
This is Sxxxxx here I m msgin u from my new no. there’s big trouble at the girl’s hostel need help
He checked his watch that ticked a lil over 1 in the night as he disbelievingly checked the msg again. He had secretly nursed a crush on this female for years and mebbe this was his big break. He made a quick exit from his room telling the guys present there that his brother had had an accident and he had to rush out. As he rushed out from the boy’s hostel he texted back.
I am on my way wats the big problem
As he trudged towards the girl’s hostel a kilometer away he got a text back saying.
A big bitchfest has broken out at the hostel and my room’s been locked from outside.
On receiving this message he quickened his steps hoping no physical harm would come to her. He called her up but his calls were unanswered for some reason. As he tried to send another message he got a call from her but it got disconnected before he could answer it. Stupid networks he thought to himself. He texted her anyways saying
Keep calm I am halfway there just stay inside your room.
He got another call from her but that too died out before he could answer it. He was getting really concerned about her as she hadn’t msged back. He decided to msg her back.
I cant pick ur calls, getting disconnected after just one ring.
As he reached halfway he crossed a bunch of potbellied guards who he knew would be nothing but trouble. The girl’s hostel had a strict curfew policy for guy’s venturing anywhere nearby after 10 and this was already 3.5 hours past curfew. He however walked upto them hoping he would calmly explain the situation and then let himself pass through them eventually. However they seemed in no mood to listen and they just grew more agitated with every passing minute asking him to return to the guy’s hostel in no unclear words. Just then he got another message.
I thought I could bank on you but I don’t think u r gonna make it
This just made his resolve stronger and he got into a big argument with the guards which eventually ended with him getting some series ass whooping from the sticks with which the guards zealously guarded the hostel. Sore assed and heartbroken he eventually beat a retreat back to his own hostel after sending in one final message.
I really tried my best to come over but the guards just wont let me through. Do you want me to call up your hostel warden or the Director or something.
He got a hasty reply to that message which said
No no don’t do that, that wont be necessary we’ll try and work something out here
So he trudged back to his hostel and stayed up most of the night thinking about he have been a real hero tonight to the one that mattered had those stupid guards not interfered. Anyways he got up in time to catch breakfast in the mess with his friends. It was then that he heard a remark that made his ears perk up.
“You know what I think they should put some cushions up on these mess chairs, it would be a lot easier on some sore asses.”
An all knowing smile broke out at the table buried in
“Wtf Rohan that was really underhanded. You are going to hell for this you @$##$$####@%$%%^^^^&%$%#%##%%$”

This was easily one of my most memorable days of my hostel days when we made this guy in our block walk all the way to the girl’s hostel using just a stupid cellphone while tailing him all this while with a big bunch of ppl hidden behing the trees and shrubs on the college campus. Sure it did cost us some money on those msges but it was worth every penny and eventually we had quite a story to tell backed up with all those text msges we had on our phone as evidence. Don’t feel too sorry for the guy he would never have spoken to her anyways, he probably did get to talk to her once or twice recounting this very incident for all you know :)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Passing thought part trois

Make sure you know what you are running for so as you know to stop in case you just happen to stumble over it sometime.